Pacific AIDS Network

Pacific AIDS Network (PAN) is uniquely positioned to co-lead the Positive Living, Positive Homes study. PAN has been working to connect BC HIV services organizations with one another for more than a decade, providing training opportunities for staff and management, identifying and addressing priority issues for the HIV sector, and being a leader in the meaningful engagement of people living with HIV. Visit the PAN website at

PAN’s mission:

Working collaboratively, the Pacific AIDS Network builds the capacity and skills of its member organizations, including people with lived experience, to effectively address HIV/AIDS, HCV, and related communicable diseases and conditions.

PAN is composed of five main program areas:

Community-Based Research – studies currently underway include Positive Living, Positive Homes and the BC People Living with HIV Stigma Index Project. This program also focuses on capacity-building and knowledge mobilization.

Evaluation – PAN’s Manager of Evaluation assists our member organizations with planning and evaluating their programs and services from an evidence-based, program science perspective.

Positive Leadership Development Institute – PLDI is a unique program through which HIV-positive people can build leadership skills and increase their capacity for meaningful participation in the community.

Skills Training & Conferences – PAN regularly organizes and hosts skills-building conferences, webinars, and other events for its membership and the wider public. Past trainings have focused on harm reduction, volunteer management, prevention education, and facilitative leadership, to name a few.

Collective Response – PAN’ leads an inspired community-based response to HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and related diseases and conditions by working collaboratively with its member organizations.

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