Other studies

Listed below are the names of studies related to HIV and/or housing in BC and Canada that we are aware of. Click on the links to learn more about each one. If you have a suggestion for a study that is not listed, please contact [email protected]


Positive Spaces, Healthy Places: A study that explored the links between housing and health for people living with HIV in Ontario, the PSHP study helped lay the groundwork for Positive Living, Positive Homes in BC.

Western Canada Housing Study: Currently in its first phase, this project will engage with providers of supported housing for people living with HIV, to develop service outcome measures.

Food Security: the Canadian Food Security Study was recently completed, having gathered data on food security for people living with HIV in BC, Ontario, and Quebec. Check out their postcards, with findings from the study and recipes for cheap, healthy food.

Gay Poz Sex (GPS): This 8-week long peer-based study gives gay and bisexual HIV-positive men a safe place to discuss their sex lives, their sexual health, and other issues.

The Cedar Project: The Cedar Project is a longitudinal, multi-site study investigating the links between childhood sexual abuse and health in Aboriginal adults who use substances in Prince George and Vancouver.

Sex Now Survey: The most recent round of the Sex Now Survey has closed, but another will open in 2017. In the meantime link to see some of the results from 2014-2015.

Housing & Homelessness in BC: The Social Policy and Research Council of BC has a multitude of resources and publications on housing and homelessness in BC; see their page to browse and download.

BC CfE Research: The British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS has a large and diverse team of researchers dedicated to improving lives of people living with HIV, helping stop the spread of HIV, and providing better access to HIV treatment. Below is a list of some of their projects; for a more complete list, click on the “Research” tab of the CfE homepage. A few are listed here:




Momentum Health Study

The Dr. Peter Study