About the Study


Positive Living, Positive Homes (PLPH) is a CIHR-funded, community-based research study led by the Pacific AIDS Network and a diverse community-based team. It takes place in three case-study sites: Prince George, Kamloops, and Greater Vancouver. We are exploring the complex relationship between housing and health for people living with HIV in British Columbia. Some of the issues we look at include:

  • access to housing programs and services
  • access to health programs and services
  • stigma and discrimination and how it affects housing
  • safety and appropriateness of communities.

Objectives and goals:

  • to find out more about how the above factors influence housing for positive folk
  • to change housing-related services and policies
  • to improve the lives of people living with HIV in BC and elsewhere.

Grounded in the principles of community-based research, PLPH:

  • grew out of a need for research on housing and HIV identified by the HIV community in BC in 2007
  • recognizes housing as a critical determinant of health for all people
  • uses qualitative methods: we ask people open-ended questions about their experiences and then document their stories
  • strives to make the process of research as important as the outcomes
  • seeks direction from people living with HIV at each stage of the research
  • incorporates guidance from a large and diverse team of stakeholders

Currently, our research team is

  • wrapping up the first round of interviews with people living with HIV in Kamloops, Prince George, and Greater Vancouver
  • beginning data analysis from those interviews
  • conducting interviews with service providers and policy makers in the three sites

One component of the PLPH interview with people living with HIV is a mapping activity, in which participants draw their living space. The drawing is then used to facilitate the discussion between participant and interviewer about the living situation and other issues. Visit our visual research methods page to see some sample maps, and to try this activity.

For more information:

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Download our PLPH one-pager: April 2016 update.

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You can read our blog posts to learn more about the study.


The Pacific AIDS Network would like to thank the Canadian Institutes for Health Research for a Catalyst Grant to complete Phase I (completed) and an HIV/AIDS CBR Operating Grant for Phase II of this study (ongoing). We would also like to thank the CIHR Centre for REACH for their support.